Personnel Leasing / Temporary Work in Romania

Posted by VON Consulting on 17 January 2018

We are acting as an authorized company for personnel leasing in Romania and temporary work in Romania since 2008. For this specific activity we are insured as a performer of services while having also an insurance that provides compensation for our temporary employees’ activities.

Temporary Work in Romania

In Romania, the restrictions that apply to this activity is that an employee can have a temporary contract for a period of maximum 36 months on the same position.

In general, personnel leasing/temporary work services are best used:

  • for jobs of a seasonal character (such as tourism or constructions);
  • for project-based assignments;
  • when your company has restrictions concerning headcount, but still needs to develop new projects and needs new people on the team. The personnel leasing solution is the best as it can be booked as a service and does not involve having the employees on the company’s payroll sheets;
  • when you want to avoid the hassle related to personnel administrative and legal responsibilities;
  • when you are entering a new market and you are not 100% sure of the success of a new idea/business. The personnel leasing solution allows you to have a limited risk at the start of your business while allowing you to hire the personnel at any time you feel your business is safe.

VON Consulting will recruit and employ the people you need, place them within your company, on the positions required. We thus become responsible for all necessary labor-law actions, administration and payroll of your employees and it secures replacement of the worker, if justifiable.

We also become responsible of paying the taxes related to the employment of personnel working on your premises.

Benefits of using personnel leasing/ temporary work services in Romania

  • Decrease of resources spent on recruitment of personnel;
  • Unloading administrative tasks to your personnel leasing Provider;
  • Externalized payroll and payment of wages, annual statement of workers account, taxation and insurance.

Terms of Collaboration

  • Signature of the General Contract of Worker’s Temporary Allocation and Client Order;
  • Conclusion of Contract of Employment with the selected candidate;
  • Monthly calculation and payments (the invoice includes the employee´s gross salary and compulsory contributions to social funds, insurance companies and any other expenses related to the employee, due by the Employer).