Embedded Developer – Automotive System-Level SW
Posted by VON Consulting on 1 November 2017

General info

Job type: Full time
Location: Bucharest
Career level: Entry, Middle


You will develop high quality embedded system-level software for our SDK products for all automotive product lines (Body & Comfort, Gateway, ADAS, Powertrain & Chassis etc.)

  • Develop and optimize low-level drivers for microcontrollers and processors, protocol stacks & RTOS integration, examples and demos based on automotive applications & use-cases
  • Create and maintain requirements, design, architecture, code and tests for different parts of the product
  • Provide an easy to use software solution with full IDE integration and multiple compilers support
  • Autonomously drive yourself in the process of solving the customer’s requests by: planning, designing and implementing new software solutions, considering customers’ requirements performance improvement and optimization of their products


To ensure your success in this role, the following experience is needed:

  • Programming experience (ANSI C)
  • General CPU/Computer architecture know-how
  • Debugging skills for embedded targets and low level software
  • English language (spoken and written)

Experience with any of the following is considered a plus:

  • ARM and Power Architecture
  • Other hardware architectures · Makefiles, scripting languages
  • XML and IDEs integration

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