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Posted by VON Consulting on 15 December 2017

CBN International Europe

During our collaboration with VON Consulting of almost 8 years, I was impressed by the professionalism our projects have been taken care with, the creativity displayed in finding solutions in situations where the specific of our company has requested flexibility on the part of VON Consulting. Not less important during the collaboration, has been the aspect of counselling concerning specific labor market problems, field where the VON Consulting specialists have proved their professionalism.

Alexandru Dima,

Director General

Computaris Romania

I've worked with VON Consulting while being GM of Computaris Romania and had successful cooperation, confirmed by the quality of people we recruited with their help. What I appreciated the most was the fact that they really got to know our company, from industry particularities to people preferences and structure. With Vivien leading them, communication was smooth, efficient and our cooperation was based on trust. I recommend VON Consulting as an efficient, tailored on customer needs partner.

Irina Arsene,

General Manager

Aroma SA – Reprezentanta

I would like to thank VON Consulting for the support that we received during the inspection from the fiscal authorities last week. When I signed the contract with your company I have expected to receive professionalism, accuracy (and cost efficiency), and up to now I have received all of them in full.

Veliko Genov,

Country manager Romania


I learned new technical things that I had no idea of and I strengthen my knowledge in the field. I did not have the IT interview technique well defined. The questions learned will definitely be useful to me in a technical interview

Alexandra Popa,

HR Specialist

Motivation Romania Foundation

The IT Recruitment Training is a unique, creative and practical program, combining recruitment tips and tricks with a contribution from the IT specialists’ fellow speakers. Every IT recruiter should take it!

Emma Juravle,

Employment Adviser

Infineon Technologies Romania

VON Consulting has always provided a professional and helpful service to our Company. The company is showing a high level of flexibility in their approach and good communication skills. They have a good understanding of the market and the ability to meet deadlines.

Thomas Simonis,

Managing Director


We appreciate the customized approach and the quick answer to our hiring needs, demonstrated by Von Consulting's team.

Crina Ilie,

Recruitment Manager

Gebrüder Weiss Romania

We are exceedingly satisfied with your services and the quality you provide us. No matter our demands, you are always professionally and personally at pains to fulfil our requests brilliant and in time.

Andre Hofer,

General Manager

Bella Bulgaria SA

VON CONSULTING are extremely valuable business partners. They have strong Human Resources background and fascinating feeling to the needs of their clients. VON CONSULTING are demanded consultants, they know very well their scope of business and are capable to find the necessary person in an unbelievable short time line.

Roman Asenov,

Trade Coordinator International Department

Healthcare LLC

We find VON Consulting to be very resourceful, eager to work with us and always willing to go the extra mile required for customer satisfaction. That makes us a very satisfied customer.

Omar Sheikh,