Team of trainers

Posted by VON Consulting on 17 January 2018

Vivien Untaru

Vivien is curently leading the VON Consulting team. She has more than 9 years of experience in HR, mainly in IT companies and is also a certified trainer.

Vivien was a volunteer in the Red Cross for 10 years. As trainer she is specialized in recruitment programs, communication, inter cultural communication and comunication for technical teams, leadership, time management and conflict resolution.

Razvan Rapan

Razvan is currently working as Lead Engineer at the biggest ASIC consulting company from Eastern-Europe. He is one of our collaborators and he already delivered during two sessions of the the Face IT training from VON Consulting for HR managers in 2008 as well as on the job training for junior engineers to develop their technical and communication skills.

Razvan is a communicative and skilled presenter and he is taking care of the Communication for Techies training dedicated to people working in this field.

Gabriela Stanutiu

Gabriela Stanutiu began her career as a trainer because she wished to help other people to see that things could be done differently.
The starting point was at a multinational company of telecommunications that, caught in the whirlpool of organizational changes, gave her the chance to develop, implement and deliver a multitude of training programs for a sales force fully growing towards a client-oriented policy. These training programs covered personal development, business and coaching.

At the same time she enriched her experience by 3 more years within a large direct sales company, where she contributed to enhancing the training process by the development of communication, sales and negotiation and motivation courses.

Emma Juravle

Emma started to enjoy telling stories to others ever since she was a kinder garden teacher. When she was a student she became one of the founding members of theRomanian Association of Debates, Oratory and Rhetoric(ARDOR) and received a trainer's certificate from the association.

She has 7 years of experience in personnel recruiting and human resources management, and presently is supporting the social integration of disabled people, working in two foundations from the social field.

She creates and delivers recruitment training sessions, specialized recruitment(IT), career guidance programs, academical debates and team management. Last but not least, Emma wishes to organize a course about the joy of cooking.