Posted by VON Consulting on 17 January 2018

We learned something new with every client and every project and our expertise has been built in time while working on real case situations. We concentrate on solving problems and finding the best options for our clients’ needs.

Our experience so far has exposed us more to projects related to employment regulations and salary and market surveys.

1. Surveys (methodologies, proofing, testing, conducting the survey, recommendations)

  • Employee satisfaction surveys;
  • Salary surveys;
  • Market survey;

Portfolio/Projects delivered:

  • Employee satisfaction survey for an FMCG company with 450 employees and more than 16 locations to reach;
  • Employee satisfaction survey for a transport and logistics company;
  • Salary survey for the Software Development field in Bucharest;
  • Salary and market survey for Romania and Bulgaria in the semiconductors sector;

2. Consultancy and support on administrative and legal issues, concerning mainly employment regulations

  • Job analysis, drafting job descriptions;
  • Restructuring, contracting and dismissals;
  • Conceiving and drafting Employee Handbooks and/or ROI (Internal Regulations);
  • Drafting policies and procedures.

Portfolio/Projects delivered:

  • Jobs restructuring for a material construction company for closing the working point in Arad;
  • ROI and updated CIM (Individual Labor Contract) with appraisal criteria and new Labor code specifications for a food nutrients import and distribution company

Projects we could undertake in setting up or improving your organization’s processes

Induction: we analyze your present situation and propose an induction program that will best fit your needs to have your new company employees adjusted to their new environment and getting them the means to perform.

Recruitment and selection: we experienced various systems and therefore we consider we have the expertise to work with you on the best solution concerning the recruitment and selections methods and steps.

Referral and relocation: we should all encourage our employees to refer new candidates to us, as they would be the most interested in having new capable colleagues. We can help you design the system and implement it as well as suggest possible packages for candidates’ relocation.

Appraisal: we were able to design and implement new evaluation systems and appraisal forms for some of our clients. Together with you we will try to find the best evaluation method for your company employees.